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Barenia - Haas

Famous for its smooth texture and colour this French calfskin is the signature product from Haas. It is a close cousin to Baranil, with slightly firmer surface and depeer initial colour. This leather has mild scratch and water resistance with excellent recovery. Great all round with luxurious hand and soft temper.

available colour: gold

Tannery: Haas (France)
Temper: medium-soft temper with light hand (bouncy surface)
Surface: firm but smooth surface, very sleek
Tanning: mixed double tanned, restuffed with oils
Patina: deepens colour over time while developing a light sheen
Other notes: excellent recovery against light marks, has a slightly firmer surface compared to Baranil

Barenia (left), Baranil (middle and right)

Haas Barenia

All of our products are hand made with traditional leather crafting technique using leathers sourced from the finest tanneries in the world. They are cut, saddle stitched and burnished by hand. Each product will have slight variations from one another due to this hand made process. The leathers we use are full grain which will show variations within each hide. This results a unique feeling between every product