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Buttero - Conceria Walpier

The famed buttero leather from Conceria Walpier. Smooth surface and bright vibrant colours, this leather patinas with plenty of character. Firm temper that ages beautifully over time.

Nabuk - buffed version of Conceria Walpier's vegetable tanned cowhide with a smooth and velvety soft nap. It is buffed on the grain side making the nap much shorter and less fuzzier compared to suede (buffed on the flesh side).

Rocky - heavy vachetta tanned bullhide from Conceria Walpier. This leather is soft with a very gentle touch due to the higher oil content in the tanning process. It is traditionally used for belts but pairs beautifully on small goods, aging similarly to buttero without being extra firm.

Available colours:

Buttero: natural, black, dauphin grey, fauve, chocolate,  wheat, coffee, orange, red, yellow, forest green, purple, navy, salmon, oxblood, dark navy.
dark brown.
Nabuk: eggshell.

Tannery: Conceria Walpier (Italy).
Temper: Very firm (buttero & nabuk), medium (rocky).
Surface: Uniform, smooth.
Tanning: Mixed vegetable retan.
Patina: Excellent, will develop natural shine and deepen colour over time.
Other notes: Available in bold vibrant colours, known for its excellent temper and beautiful aging properties.

eggshell Nabuk

Rocky (bullhide)

eggshell nabuk & dark navy buttero

All of our products are hand made with traditional leather crafting techinques. They are cut, saddle stitched and burnished by hand. Each product will have slight variations from one another due to this hand made process. Our stock of leathers are sourced from the finest tanneries around the world. They are full grain which tend to have different characteristics within each hide. The combination of this process results in a unique feeling between every product.