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handmade leather goods

Alpha & Box Leather - Italpel S.R.L

Italpel Box: Beautiful heat pressed vegetable tanned cowhide with highly textured grain. Semi firm temper with a smooth pronounced grain and hardy surface. 

Italpel Alpha: is a milled version of their veg tan cowhide. It has a very similar appearance to Minerva Box with a slightly firmer temper.

Available colours: tan and black (box), natural (Alpha).

Tannery: Italpel S.R.L (Italy)
Temper: Medium (Alpha), semi firm (box)
Surface: Milled natural grain varying on pattern and intensity (Alpha), heat pressed with a hardy surface (box)
Tanning: Vegetable tan
Patina: Will develop natural sheen and accentuate grain with use
Other notes: hardy shell like surface(box)

Italpel Alpha

Italpel Box

All of our products are hand made with traditional leather crafting techniques using leathers sourced from the finest tanneries in the world. They are cut, saddle stitched and burnished by hand. Each product will have slight variations from one another due to this hand made process. The leathers we use are full grain which will show variations within each hide. This results in a unique feeling between every product.