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custom watch straps order

Each of our straps are made to order and can be tailored to specific requirements. Whether it’s quick release spring bars, extra thickness, minimal stitching or curved base we are happy to accommodate customization to your preference. Ordering a custom strap is very simple and can be done in the following steps.

measuring guide

  1. Measure lug and buckle widths.

  2. Measure strap lengths or wrist size. Refer to guide for info on measuring wrist size.

  3. Choose leather and thread colour. See colour swatch for leather options or strap listings for examples.

  4. Fill out order form (below) and send the order to

leather selection

leather properties - summary table

leather properties - summary table

Many of our clients start the selection process by first picking their choice of colour(s). From there, choose the preferred leather characteristic such as firm/soft temper, smooth/grainy surface and resilient leathers or those that patina over time. Refer to our info table for a summary of leather characteristics.


  1. soft temper | grainy surface | resillient leather - suggestible options: shrunken calf, chevre or Epsom

  2. firm temper | smooth surface | patina over time - suggestible options: buttero, shell cordovan, English bridle

Refer to the colour page for our entire selection of leathers. Should you require suggestions or have inquiries please send an email to

order form (copy and paste)

  • leather type and colour:

  • thread colour: swatch

  • wrist size or strap lengths: 75mm/115mm is standard

  • lug/buckle width: stainless steel buckle included

  • padding profile: flat, light or heavy

  • edge paint colour: matching/other

  • lining: Zermatt or chevre

  • other notes: eg. minimal stitching, +quick release spring bars, curved base, etc

other info

  • add pics for special request, quick release, panerai holes, special tips, curved ends, custom thickness, padding styles? etc

All of our products are hand made with traditional leather crafting techinques. They are cut, saddle stitched and burnished by hand. Each product will have slight variations from one another due to this hand made process. Our stock of leathers are sourced from the finest tanneries around the world. They are full grain which tend to have different characteristics within each hide. The combination of this process results in a unique feeling between every product.